Can beagles be trained?

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Most people ask this question and this is a very important one to ask for any breed of dog. Having a well behaved dog can make a huge difference to your home and lifestyle. Having a poorly behaved dog can make owning the dog a nightmare. Many of the dogs that end up at the pound or RSPCA are because they are poorly behaved.

To answer the question – yes – every beagle and every dog can be trained. Like all breeds, beagles also need to be trained. They need to know rules and what they should and should not do.

You must, however, realise that many breeds, including beagles, are strong willed and must have a reason to do things for you. One big advantage with beagles is their good food drive. Any dog that has motivation to do something can be trained. With regular training through a reputable puppy training course, your beagle will become well behaved and be a much more enjoyable pet for your home.

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