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Information and photos of recent lure coursing events held by the Beagle Club of Queensland.

Beagles Lure Coursing Day Sunday 25th June 2017

2017-06-28T16:28:49+00:00 27 June 2017|Recent Lure Coursing|

Each year the Beagle Club of Queensland holds three lure coursing events specifically for Beagles. These days allow our Beagles to get out and have the time of their lives chasing the lure and having a great time. Our lure coursing day on Sunday the 25th of June, saw our best numbers ever for a [...]

Beagle Lure Coursing Day Sunday 11th September

2016-10-16T17:15:55+00:00 12 September 2016|Recent Lure Coursing|

It was the second biggest turnout for a Beagle Club of Queensland lure coursing event. The club has been enjoying this sport for almost 20 years and has increased the number of lure coursing days to three events each year. Our September 2016 lure coursing day had an amazing 69 Beagle come along for the [...]

Beagles Lure Coursing Day June 21

2015-06-27T11:57:53+00:00 14 June 2015|Recent Lure Coursing|

We had another excellent turnout of Beagles for our second Beagles only lure coursing day for 2015. A fabulous 54 Beagles were entered in the competition. These, along with over 12 puppies that came along for the fun, made for a spectacular event for the Club. Our first lure coursing event for 2015 was the [...]

Lure Coursing Sprints April 12

2015-06-27T12:21:23+00:00 1 April 2015|Recent Lure Coursing|

This was the second year for the Beagle Club of Queensland to hold a sprint lure coursing day. This event is held as part of the Australian Lure Coursing Association’s National Sprint Championships. These championships are held across Australia to find the fastest dog of each breed or class and to award those dogs with [...]

Lure Coursing Day October 19

2014-11-01T11:32:37+00:00 19 October 2014|Recent Lure Coursing|

Our third lure coursing meet was one to remember, as well as being one that was put on film and will promote Beagles and our club for a long time The day was held in Association with the Queensland Lure Coursing Association, who had organised to have the sport promoted on television, through the program [...]

Beagle Lure Coursing Day August 10th

2015-04-19T06:46:44+00:00 15 June 2014|Recent Lure Coursing|

Wally Tate Park, Kuraby The club is holding its second Lure Coursing day for 2014 on Sunday the 10th of August. NOTE: THIS IS THE NEW DATE FOR THE LURE COURSING DAY THAT WAS ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY THE 27TH OF JULY. This will be a BEAGLES ONLY day. No other breeds will be in [...]

Lure Coursing Day Aug 2013

2013-09-29T10:26:02+00:00 25 August 2013|Recent Lure Coursing|

Yet another successful day of lure coursing was held by the Beagle Club of Queensland on Sunday the 25th of August. e had over 40 entries plus about 8 puppies all enjoying themselves on a beautiful winter morning in Brisbane. The format of the day was a little different to our usual lure coursing, as [...]

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