Current Beagles for Rehoming

The Beagle Club of Queensland Beagle rehoming service is provided to assist in rehoming Beagles in Queensland. As we are affiliated with Dogs Queensland, we are only able to provide this service to purebred beagles. The club will require evidence of the dog being a purebred beagle before we will assist with the rehoming. The preferred evidence is the beagle’s pedigree number and parents. If this is not available, we will require a photo of the beagle to confirm the beagle is purebred.

So we can place your beagle on this rehoming web site, we will require information about beagles that need rescuing and preferences from those that would like to rehome a beagle. Please complete one of the forms below if you are offering to rescue a beagle or if you are wanting to rehome your beagle.

For questions about the Beagle Club of Queensland rehoming service, Jeff on  0418 871 369 or email

Complete this form if you are requesting for your Beagle to be rehomed.Beagle Bullet Point

Complete this form if you are offering to adopt a Beagle.
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All Beagles rescued by the Beagle Club of Queensland have been desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped prior to being rehomed. They will also have been checked by a Veterinarian and will be in a condition suitable for rehoming, as well as a behaviour assessment to determine their personality and behaviour needs.


Name: Bella

Sex: Female

Age: 11 years

Colour: Tan and White

Cost of adoption: $100

Reason for rehoming: Bella was surrendered due to the previous owners not being able to provide the attention and affection Bella seeks out. Bella is a previous rescue dog and is most happy when allowed inside on the furniture, which the previous owners could not allow.

Medical condition: Bella has low grade dental disease with small amounts of tartar on her teeth which should not affect her ability to eat. There are no other obvious signs of ill health reported.

Bella has been identified as a Beagle that could live as a single dog or with another dog but must be allowed inside. Bella likes to be close to people. Bella bonds well to humans. She is currently being fostered in a house with children and loves to be with kids.
Bella is a Beagle would suit a home without cats or chickens and would benefit from enrichment activities and a caring environment.

If you are interested in adopting Bella, complete the Offer to Adopt form for Bella.